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You only have one chance to make that first impression
The question is are you making the one you want…

Are you currently happy with the way you look? Do you feel that your current image is giving the right message to clients as you reach to shake their hand for the first time? Do you feel comfortable when you walk into a room full of strangers?

First impressions are important. What you wear and the way you represent yourself to the world tells people who you are – what kind of person you are. Look at yourself in the mirror – really look – is this the way you imagined yourself to be? Is this the way you see yourself?

Many women tend to, over the years, forget about putting themselves first. They lose the time to put on make-up and instead of weighing up options at the shops on what colour brings out their features, they just grab the usual jeans and a top on sale that ‘will do’ or is ‘close enough.’

The female body, skin tone and hair also changes over the years and colours, styles and fashion that might have suited you when you were younger, might not be applicable to the way you are now. But yet we still think and make decisions today based off that out-of-date information we got when we were 18.

That is where ME – Total Image comes in. We specialise in getting women back on the path again to correct colour choices, perfect lines and curves for each individual body type and getting back in touch with WHO you are and how YOU want the world to see you.

It’s so much more than just beauty tips – it’s a lifestyle and finding that inner confidence.

ME – Total Image offers one-on-one sessions for your individual look, both in your personal capacity and professionally. We also offer workshops for friends, families and co-workers interested in topics from demystifying colour to accessorising. We offer complete make-overs and design services to ensure the perfect look, and dress, for any special occasion.

We are all about taking the time to create the best version that you can be. We want to promote that inner you and let it shine. To let the world know who you are and what you stand for. To define your personal brand and enhance your personal style.  We want you to be comfortable in the way you look and the way the world looks at you.


Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.